Having been flying for 14 hours from Hong Kong to Istanbul then Kyiv, I started my graduation journey to a country where I have been looking forward to for a long time — Ukraine, a land which is famous for its history and beauties. Even though that’s my first week in Kyiv, I have fallen in love with the city deeply.
By the way, that’s my second time to join volunteer program by AIESEC which provides me another chance to begin an adventure and meet more friends from the whole world, while my first experience was to Alexandria, Egypt 2 years ago. (I miss you guys!)

Why I am Here

The moment before I got in plane in Hong Kong airport, my friend sent me the last message: “There must be something dangerous in Ukraine and take care of yourself. I wish that you will return to China safely.” So this might be my reason to be here: I don’t believe what rumors say and I want to explore the real face of Ukraine with my own eyes.

Besides, I have never been to a European country in my life, so I was quite excited when I was informed that I have passed the interview and entered the project “Explore Kyiv”, which is about cultural exploration. We are expected to visit many places of interest and attend activities, then sharing our feelings to friends from our own countries about what we actually experienced.

Having been learning journalism and dreaming to work on photography, I believe there won’t be a better option for me to spend this summer. Kyiv will be my wonderland.

What I Have Seen
Architecture is what I am crazy about. Whenever I was walking on a random street around the center of Kyiv, I would always keep my mouth open because of being surprised by all those beautiful buildings. Please forgive me for my poor English that I don’t know how many praises I can use to express my excitement when standing on the street and looked up at buildings with classic style. If possible, I would really like to spend the whole day walking by Khreschatyk Street, one of the main streets towards Maidan Nezalezhnosti—the square that was built to celebrate the independence of Ukraine from Soviet Union in 1991, and watch those amazing buildings and beautiful pedestrians.

At the same time, I learned a lot by visiting many museums. In the past week, we have been to Taras Shevchenko Museum, learning about how this great poet and artist affected people and awakened them to fight for Ukraine’s independence from the control of Tsarist Russia; and we we also visited Museum of Kyiv History, where we developed a general understanding about historical progress of Kyiv and the country. I was impressed by those ancient industrial products of European elements, which I have never seen before.

What I Will Do
The next weeks we will visit more places,showing more details of Kyiv. What I expect most is the trip to Lviv, another historical city in western Ukraine with amazing people in our “Explore Kyiv” project. Hope you will love it!