This week we were in Chernobyl museum. In that museum you have a chance to learn more things about the huge tragedy that happened in Ukraine in 1986 year, to know heroes who sacrificed their lives to protect other innocent souls.

When the alarm clocks showed 01:23 am, many lives were changed in one moment. People had to leave their houses, some had to stay and work near exploded reactor. Citizens though they are leaving their houses for 3-5 days and no one could even imagine, they won't come back again. No one could imagine the amount of the catastrophe. Only if you can empathy them you can easily understand how terrible was that situation for Ukrainians.

When I saw the clothes, which were showed here as a part of exhibit, my body was covered with horripilation. If you ask me what I felt and why it happened, my answer will be simple it was clothes of people, who wore it in the day of the explosion and who saved millions lives. And in that moment I realized, that saving Ukrainians and trying to stop the spread of radiation, they were saving another lives, they were saving the half of the world. Also I can understand Ukraine, cause this explosion affected Turkey as well.

I think Chernobyl is the biggest one example of people`s courage, power and support. It is also a great lesson for the rest of the world, why we should close nuclear reactors.

We should be more sensitive for our environment and we should keep it safe.


Dream-museum, the name of that place talks to itself. It was pretty interesting and cool museum, because we had a lecture about dreams. By visiting that museum you will know what kind of dreams blind people can see, what is going on in your body while you are dreaming, why waking up in the morning you hardly can remember your dreams. While I were here, I remembered about the movie “Inception”, where the main idea is that you can do everything while dreaming . Here you can meet people and ideas, that inspire, impress and provide new perspectives on dream interpretation and the phenomena that occur during our sleep. It was one of the most creative museums that I have ever visited!


These ones are the oldest ones in the museum I just want to start with them because these are more affected me than others. 

I want to start my story about Art museum from these photos. These icons are the oldest ones that you can find. What I really liked, that they were made here in Kyiv, by local masters. That museum has a lot of rooms, but of course excursion starts from the place full of icons and old small paintings, because till 17 th century it was the only one kind of art. People used to draw on the walls of the churches, draw icons. Another interesting thing in that museum, how one room switches to another one and you can easily over watch the difference in the style and centuries. The style of paintings, colors, scenes.


Explore Kyiv project decided to Explore Lviv and now I’m going to tell you what I liked the most in this charming small city. First of all, the trip from Kiv to Lviv takes just 5 hours and after 5 hours you can sit on the roof of the famous chocolate factory, drinking your coffee and eating chocolate candies. Another one factory that I personally liked is a Beer Factory, the best fresh beer ever !!! 

Lviv has a magic property, it never let you go simply. Coming to Lviv you have a feeling, like you are in the 18 th century, waking down the narrow old streets, smelling good coffee and waiting just for another one amazing day. Lviv makes you feel alive, it touches your soul and makes your heart beating faster, while you are enjoying musicians playing guitar on the square, small children running and laughing and you can climb high castle to be with yourself, to see sunset or sunrise. Just to escape from the crowded city center and feel a real life in the oldest one city. I really enjoyed my time here and I know that one day I will come back, to make some of wishes come true.