Over half of a month in Kyiv, there’s no reason why I can’t survive here. Life in Kyiv isn’t difficult as what I thought before. I spent time with my Explore Kyiv group in the Expo center park where was the place we had some activities together such as having a picnic, playing games,
and the funniest moment when I took selfies with the animal in the park. Moreover; I really love this place more after knowing important historical knowledge that I haven’t known before by visiting 2 interesting museums. First is Taras Shevchenko museum and second is Museum of Kyiv History. Additionally, I also visited Golden Gate of Kyiv. From the following columns, I would like to give my impressions about these


I’ve heard this name since I came here. He is one of the most important people in Ukraine. He was a Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, public and political figure. He invented modern Ukrainian language and promoted independence of Ukraine. Moreover, his name was set in the most famous university called “Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv”
A lot of paintings inside the museum impressed me by showing history of Taras Shevchenko. Some of his paintings show the traditional culture of Ukraine. However, there are also the evidences from his life such as his handwriting in the novel or in the political situation.
I love the way how his life is shown in the museum. I suggest that if you have a chance to go Kyiv, you should know one of the most influential Ukrainian people like him.


As you saw the name, this museum exactly mentions about the history of Kyiv. Around 1400 years ago, Kyiv was founded by three brothers and one sister, one of them named Kyi which is the main reason to make the name of this city “Kiev” or “Kyiv”. I learned that before the declaration of independence in 1991, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. 

Not only the political history of Kyiv, but also
various kinds of historical things, such as, the first cinema in Kyiv, the old artificial building, the old artificial town of Kyiv made from wood, the old map, and many influencial people were remarkable in this museum.
All of these data in the museum gave me bright images about Kyiv. I felt really great with having nice photos with the great historical museum like this.


Golden Gate was built in 11th century in Kyiv which was the capital of Kievan Rus at that time. Taking pictures here was my happy moment, we could go to the top to see view of the city and also beautiful original construction inside especially the gate.

From all of these places, it can tell me more about Kyiv. Lastly, I have something to tell you, you shouldn’t visit it just for fun but should know many details inside there. I’m pretty sure that it would benefit you more to know a lot things taking place in our planet, it is really amazing.

I ❤ KYIV !