OK. So I have to say it , I am deeply and totally in love with Kyiv and its people. Walking through Khreshchatyk street does not stop marveling me; no matter what time or day of the week, it's just beautiful. The air we breathe in this avenue is special. On weekend it is full of families, friends, couples with the sole desire to enjoy and hang out. Khreshchatyk is a whole soundtrack; every five meters you will
find a new rhythm; literaly. I had never seen a city so in love with music, every step you take there are music bands, dancers, singers, musicians that make you never want to have to leave the place. 

Stereotypes run around the world and the stereotype par excellence of Europe is the coldness or seriousness of people. Well, like most of all taboos, it could not be more wrong. Everyone that I’ve known have been the most friendly andwarm person that may be. They don’t hesitate for a second to help you in any problem you may have and if we speak of friendship, there is nothing that compares.

Shevchenko National Museum

Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861) was a Ukrainian poet and painter, founder of modern Ukrainian literature and visionary of modern Ukraine, He is recognized as the leading Ukrainian poet and inspirator of freedom by his writings and for being the first at using the Ukrainian
language in his creations. 

This museum, located on the same street as his name, tells the life of the poet and make a collection of his paintings and poems, as well as their working tools that could be found. Definitely one of my favorites museums, so far. Everything; such a character, the facilities and the excellent service make this an excellent choice to spend the afternoon and continue immersing yourself in the culture of Ukraine.

Kyiv History Museum
The National Museum of History of Ukraine is located in the historical center of Kyiv, on the hill of Starokyivska . It is one of the most important and visited points of interest in the city. Acording to the value and quantity of the collections, it is one of the most important museum spaces of the country because it has completely unique historical and cultural treasures. The museum shows the essential stages of development of society and Ukrainian state before the twentieth century.

Ukraine doesn’t stop to amaze me and the best part is that there are still many places to discover, people to meet and time to fall in love more and more with Explore Kyiv Project