If you are already in Kiev you can not miss the opportunity to visit the Lion City : Lviv . Walking around this city is like going back in time. Cobbled streets, very old European-style buildings, churches and museums everywhere provoke that suddenly the air itself fills of bohemia and nostalgia.

Rynok square

This square is in the center of Leopolis and is one of the most popular tourist places. It is here where social, cultural and economic life of Lviv are concentrated with all its museums, thematic and international restaurants and of course, this is Ukraine, music performances in every corner. It is impossible to go to Lviv without falling in love with this beautiful square.

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Caves Monasterial

On the street Sichnévogo Povstaña is located the Caves Monastery. This is the oldest in Ukraine and one of the holy places of the Eastern Orthodox religion. In 1990 UNESCO, along with Saint Sophia Cathedral, declared it a World Heritage Site. Getting inside this monastery is like entering to new little town; its houses, several museums, churches and of course the ancient caves of monks, make it one of the biggest attractions of Kyiv.

The National Museum of DecorativeArt of Ukraine 

It is located in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra in the building where once lived the metropolitan.  Now it is a monument of architecture of the late eighteenth century.

In 1500 m2, the museum houses more than 75,000 items of traditional decorative art of Ukraine from the fifteenth century to today. They are commonly used materials in many different ways: embroidery, pottery, weaving, wood carving, decorating different forms of metal, glass, porcelain and icons.

This week I had the opportunity to know more about Ukrainian culture and traditions and I can't believe that my time in this project is almost over with so many things left to see.

The people I've known here, the experiences, everything will stay in my memory forever and saying goodbye to this beautiful country and its people will be one of the hardest things in my life.