When I arrived at Lviv by midnight and walked along the old streets that were built with stones, I could not believe that I was actually standing on the ground of an ancient European city. Lviv, a city located in western Ukraine with a history of more than 750 years, has showed me great impact during our 3 days 'trip.

Highlight: Baroque Architectures

Even though I have never been to Rome, Paris or Vienna which are typical cities that show the greatness of European culture, I can still feel its rich cultural deposits from Lviv.

The city  has  survived  many  wars since its birth in 13th century and preserved architectures from different eras. Architectures in city center are mainly Baroque style that they feature magnificence and gorgeous carvings and decorations, and every detail of buildings and streetscape would make me fall in love with the city crazily.

When I climbed up to the rooftop of Lviv city hall where I can have a full view of the city, I was totally intoxicated with the scenery that pedestrians, streets and buildings were all covered by sunset, which was really like holy light; when I was walking on the path of Lychakiv Cemetery by myself, I would stop by some gravestone and read the date of birth and death, imagining what their lives look like decades or hundreds year ago, while the breeze stirred leaves softly and made them rustle. The sense of history of sense just came to me without a sound, and made me fall in love with the city at the first sight.

Highlight: Themed restaurants

Apart from proper protection of historical sites, Lviv also features the transformation of old buildings to modern shops and restaurants with many themes, which have great attractions to tourists.

The first meal I had in Lviv was in a restaurant named “Криївка (Kryjivka),” which was in a basement and you can only enter it by saying the password “Slava Ukraini” to the guard, who was dressed up as a solider in the war against Russia in 1940s. The restaurant is decorated as an wooden underground bastion where rifles are placed at every corner for customers to take photos, but I also feel like I was in a pub of the movie “Lord of the Rings.

“House of Legends” is another my favorite restaurant which was built based on chimney. Every floor has its own theme of different legends and the most famous touristic site is on the rooftop, the monument of chimney sweepers. Standing inside another chimney, you will have good luck if you can throw coins into the statue’ hat, and unfortunately I failed even though I have tried 6 times, lol.

Highlight: Artistic atmosphere

My general impression of Lviv is that the city is occupied by artists because it seems that every person, no matter visitors or local residents, are all willing to appreciate and spread art as performers and audiences.

There are countless performances every day at almost every street in city center. Regardless of gender and age, it’s common to see musicians playing instruments like violin and guitar, while bands of various styles will take turns to play. I also took many photos with people who painted themselves golden and pretended to be statues.

And what makes feel fortunate was that we watched the final match of Euro Cup on a huge screen at a square with hundreds of people. Even though we have been standing for almost two hours, we still feel excited and burst into cheers when Portugal finally had his first goal and the only one in the game. Witnessing such a huge event in different culture with new friends can always be unforgettable, and that night in Lviv will also be one of my most precious memories.

Anyway, two days was not enough to fully explore the beauty of this city, even though we have tried to cover every single street in center and subsequently felt legs broken. If I would have a chance to come back to Lviv again in future, definitely I would visit more amazing restaurants, enjoying warm sunlight along streets and smell the sense of history of this beautiful city.