Such a long vacation, I think I know Kyiv better now. I am able to go from our hostel to the city center. The difference of languages isn’t too difficult. I can say hello, thank you, and good bye in Ukrainian that sometimes could make Ukrainian people smile, that’s wonderful time in my life.

Although Kyiv is very good city with many interesting places, I would like to explore more. Luckily, I had the opportunity to travel to another famous city, Lviv. Let’s see what’s inside Lviv which was my great trip.


The 5 hours in the train going to Lviv really worth it. Even though, Lviv isn’t as big as Kyiv, there were plenty of interesting things I found in this old city.

City Center

When I walked around in the city center of Lviv, I noticed that it was old but full of beautiful architecture. I was very fascinated with traditional churches, building, and vehicles. Although the city looks very old and doesn’t have too much high technology, it is very beautiful in my opinion.

There were many squares in the city center, such as Rynok square. I walked around there, I saw many interesting activities there. I took photos while a musician was playing saxophone, the train was running, the actors were making shows without moving, and many tourists were buying the souvenirs that was such a nice atmosphere.


On my first day of this trip, I walked around the city and saw the Thai restaurant accidentally. I decided to go inside and order Thai food. I missed my hometown because of its spicy food. Before I left the restaurant, I taught Thai words to the waiter. She told me she would try to remember it that is what the thing what I’ve taught before.

Furthermore, I went to one of the most famous places named Lviv handmade chocolate where is special for many types of chocolate. On the first floor, you will see the chocolate making machine that’s so weird but it is look good. On the second floor, you will see the big chocolate shop selling many chocolates and souvenirs. On the top, it was kind of café, I ordered 1 ice cream that was really sweet, I like it.

The Church of Saint Jura

This is the biggest church in Lviv. For sure, I can say that it’s so luxurious and beautiful. Many sculptures were decorated near the stair in European style. There was the ceremony inside; by the way, we need to respect this by avoiding to take a photo inside. The ceremony was very holy. I’ve never seen the big Cristian ceremony like this before.


Compared to Kyiv, Lviv is more traditional style. I could find the traditional Ukrainian costumes which would be good souvenir. Furthermore, I went to the souvenir shops. Lviv's magnets, key chains, cups, wallets, and postcards are the examples of products there.


I have been addicted to sports, especially  football, since my childhood. I followed it  every day. Normally, football is also popular sports in Ukraine. Before moving to Ukraine, I hoped that someday I would go to the  stadium or anything related to football.  Finally, Ukrainian team members, Inna and  Luibov, picked my friend and me to the  Shakhtar Donetsk fan shop in front of Lviv stadium. Shakhtar Donetsk is their favorite  club and they had been waiting for this  place for a long time. The very happy  moment was when we took photos together  with the club's costume. I confirmed that this  is the best moment in Lviv.

I miss these 4 day vacation in Lviv; however, the show must go on. We came back to Kyiv and need to be energetic and ready for new challenge.

National art museum of Ukraine

One day after Lviv was the day we went to the national art museum. In front it is so enormous with two lion statues beside the museum's entrance so that we took pictures together with the lion.

All of items in this museum are related to Ukrainian tradition, culture, and religion. The pictures of Jesus Christ and the traditional farmer are the example of the items there. We could also see Taras Shevchenko, the influential Ukrainian person, and also many important people and the beautiful sculptures.

About the history of museum, it was built in 1898 by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. The old name is Kiev City Museum of Antiques and Art.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Peshersk Lavra is the biggest Orthodox Cristian church in Kyiv. The famous Cathedral, Saint Sophia Cathedral is the main inside there. Moreover, this is in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When I went there, my first impression was amazing, it was so enormous. We went to the top view of the building and took wonderful Lavra's photos. There was museum inside Lavra, it's kind of traditional museum for Ukrainian and European styles. I loved its decoration by putting a lot of different Ukrainian traditional costume from 19th century. In addition, many European potteries, artifacts, and paintings also impressed me a lot. As I saw, there were 2 floors and it was so big. I took a lot of pictures there. I won't forget this place.

Very great trip in Lviv and 2 wonderful places in Kyiv really benefited me. At last, there are only 2 weeks left in this project, I don't have too much time. I was totally sad by many people that I just knew here would leave Ukraine, our happy time will end. However, I will try the best I can do, make happy, and this will be the greatest time of my life that I haven't thought before.